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I’ve got one word: plastics

Anyone who has watched the movie, The Graduate, knows those profound words spoken to Dustin Hoffman’s character. Who knew how right those words were. All these decades later when I travel to the Oregon coast I prefer to take some … Continue reading

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choosing files

This coming weekend I am taking a Platinum Printing class at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon. The first thing we will learn is how to make digital negatives. I have gone through some old photos trying to decide … Continue reading

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We have had one of the wettest winters ever and only 3 days of sunshine. I am so ready for sunnier weather and trips to the beach. Snow has even dusted our beaches. Here are a few photos from a … Continue reading

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Beach in pinhole

I do love using my Zero Image pinhole camera at the beach. I like how the water becomes smooth and the people look ghost-like. It’s all due to the long exposures needed when using a pinhole camera. These photos were … Continue reading

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Escaping the heat

The Portland area is having an unusually hot summer with many days above 90. Luckily only living 70 miles from the Oregon coast, I can escape the heat easily. I did that one day last week by making a day … Continue reading

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Astoria revisited

After the fiasco with the light-leaking Hasselblad back and 4 rolls of ruined film, I returned to Astoria to make my photos all over again. This time the fog was heavy and the skies white. I didn’t mind. I spent … Continue reading

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Beach trip

I noticed the weather was going to be dry and sunny at the Oregon coast on Tuesday and Wednesday so I decided I needed to go. I wasn’t ready for such warm temperatures and happily discovered I didn’t need my … Continue reading

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