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My Mother’s camera

I will admit, I had a wonderful childhood. My Mother was the image maker in our family and I remember her always getting the newest camera. She didn’t have expensive cameras and developing was quite expensive in the 50’s and … Continue reading

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street walking

I don’t really have much to say about these photos. I was downtown Portland last week and took along my Leica MP and some Kodak Portra 160 film. These are some of the shots I took. I usually tweak my … Continue reading

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Our 4th

I feel lucky to live in a ‘Leave it to Beaver’ neighborhood in the Pacific NW. One hour from the mountains and one hour from the beach, but on the 4th of July each year I like to stay home … Continue reading

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Playing with glass

My husband and I inherited some glass slides/negatives and I am slowly scanning them.  I am guessing that these were taken around the turn of the 20th century…late 1890’s and early 1900’s. We think most of these were taken in … Continue reading

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a girlie room

If I am having a bad night’s sleep I sometimes like to go crawl into the antique white iron bed my brother gave me and treat myself like a guest. Do you ever wonder if your guests feel welcome in … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

I was recently nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award” by Ashley Paige who blogs at http://www.fortheloveofwunderlust.wordpress.com. I am honored. I sometimes wonder if anyone reads my blog. In return, I need to do four things: nominate 15 other bloggers, tell … Continue reading

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Reflecting on life

in a split second This is a photo of two people sitting in a coffee shop, enjoying their coffee, and reading. A second before this I had taken an image of them, sharp, clear and in focus. Then I changed … Continue reading

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