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Titan 4×5 pinhole camera

I was in search of images made with my Titan 4×5 pinhole camera. I love this camera. It’s durable and it makes wonderful images. Looking back through my pinhole catalog I discovered these three images I made up around Mt … Continue reading

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Karen Burns workshop in pinhole

A couple of weekends ago I attended a Still Life/Food photography workshop taught by Karen Burns from Granite Bay, California. ┬áIt was so nice of her to bring her props, cameras and knowledge to the PNW. While I did take … Continue reading

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Running on Empty

I’m working on a series of abandoned and repurposed gas stations. I’ve been editing them to make a digitally printed book. After that book is complete I plan to choose about 25 images and through contact printing I will make … Continue reading

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Pinhole in restaurants

I’m constantly making pinhole images in restaurants and coffee shops. For me it’s a chance to slow down my eating and enjoy the atmosphere of the place I’m in. All these images were made on my 6×6 Reality So Subtle … Continue reading

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Alternative Printing

I’m finally ready. I have my paper, my chemicals, my printing frame and my UV light box. I’ve started printing some digital negatives, but also plan to print directly from 4×5 negatives. I like the small prints mounted with large … Continue reading

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Ondu 6×12

Continuing with some photos from the Portland Japanese Gardens, but this time with the Ondu 6×12 pinhole camera. This is a beautifully made wooden camera that is held together with strong magnets. It’s easy to load and easy to use. … Continue reading

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Series work

It wasn’t until I was asked recently on The Lensless Podcast if I go around and make images of whatever strikes my fancy or if I have specific subjects in mind. It got me to thinking and looking back at … Continue reading

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