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I’ve got one word: plastics

Anyone who has watched the movie, The Graduate, knows those profound words spoken to Dustin Hoffman’s character. Who knew how right those words were. All these decades later when I travel to the Oregon coast I prefer to take some … Continue reading

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Holga doubles

I haven’t used my Holga 120 in awhile. I usually save it for the beach and rainy days because its plastic body is perfect for those conditions. I long ago gave up taking my digital camera out in those conditions. … Continue reading

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Titan 4×5 pinhole camera

I was in search of images made with my Titan 4×5 pinhole camera. I love this camera. It’s durable and it makes wonderful images. Looking back through my pinhole catalog I discovered these three images I made up around Mt … Continue reading

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Running on Empty

I’m working on a series of abandoned and repurposed gas stations. I’ve been editing them to make a digitally printed book. After that book is complete I plan to choose about 25 images and through contact printing I will make … Continue reading

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My Mother’s camera

I will admit, I had a wonderful childhood. My Mother was the image maker in our family and I remember her always getting the newest camera. She didn’t have expensive cameras and developing was quite expensive in the 50’s and … Continue reading

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Alternative Printing

On one of my many trips to England I visited the home of Henry Fox Talbot at Lacock Abbey. Some consider him the ‘father of photography’. He invented a way to make a paper negative, in 1835, ┬áthat could be … Continue reading

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4×5 pinhole

I own three 4×5 pinhole cameras, but my favorite is still the Ilford Titan 4×5. I like it for its ruggedness, being made of hard plastic that does well in the wet Pacific Northwest where I live. I am surprised … Continue reading

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