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A walk in my neighborhood in pinhole

I always have some kind of camera with me wherever I go. Sometimes more than one camera but always a pinhole camera. Out on a walk in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago I carried my Reality So Subtle … Continue reading

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a new beginning

WOW, the time has flown by and I have been absent from here for two months. I have a good excuse. I started decorating for Christmas on November 1st. If you could take a tour of my house you’d understand … Continue reading

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A, new to me, Rolleiflex got taken out for a trial run last week.  I’m used to the waist height viewer and the fact the image is backwards when viewed through the camera, but I am not used to using … Continue reading

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My Mother’s camera

I will admit, I had a wonderful childhood. My Mother was the image maker in our family and I remember her always getting the newest camera. She didn’t have expensive cameras and developing was quite expensive in the 50’s and … Continue reading

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Lensbaby Affair

It’s been many years since I bought my first Lensbaby lens. I had the Control Freak and then the first Composer. I always had a bit of trouble with the focus, but did enjoy using the lenses and optics. It … Continue reading

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end of 2016

We got a little bit of snow in the neighborhood this month with more predicted for January 2nd. I think our neighborhood looks great in white and if I had a sled I would have been racing down the few … Continue reading

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When it all goes wrong

Disappointing when a whole roll of film doesn’t come out the way you hoped. I seldom get my exposure times wrong, especially once I started using the Light Meter App on my iPhone. However, it all went wrong with this … Continue reading

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