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spending time in alleys

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is coming up fast. It’s the last weekend in April and this year one of the cities hosting the event is Norwich, England. Our host is asking each of us, if we want, to submit 5 … Continue reading

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4×5 pinhole work

Spent my weekend making some 4 x 5 images with my Titan Pinhole camera. My constraints included making photos within 10 miles of my home. Typically when I am out and about making photos I travel much further away from … Continue reading

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With our one dry day since January I decided to take my new Wista  4×5 camera  out for a test run. I was testing several lenses, setting up the camera in one spot and not moving, so I could evaluate … Continue reading

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Glass plates, part 2

More from the glass plates my husband inherited and I scanned. When you consider the process of making glass plates you have to wonder how the photographer managed to get the photo of the dog jumping without it being a … Continue reading

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Pinhole Mayhem 2016

It’s been a few months since my Pinhole Mayhem group has managed an outing. I was traveling in England for 7 weeks and then when I came home we were busy with Christmas and then the weather turned. Each time … Continue reading

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Walking along the Willamette River

On a rare afternoon when the fog lifted I went for a walk along the Willamette River with several of my film cameras. I wanted to see the moving of the Sellwood bridge: I then walked along the west side … Continue reading

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My Titan 4×5

Two months ago I sent away for the new Harman Titan 4×5 pinhole camera. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s made of plastic. It’s an odd shape and it’s bulky. It came with a box of film and two … Continue reading

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