Before the big bloom

Every March photographers swarm to the Portland waterfront to capture photos of the cherry trees which seem to signal the start of Spring. This year has been wet and cold so the trees are a little late blooming. I managed to get down there twice this year. These photos are from the week before the peak bloom when few people were under the trees. My photos from peak bloom are still in the camera and I need to get those developed next week.

So enjoy a bit of pink here.

cherry trees (2 of 7)

cherry trees (3 of 7)

I love it when people dress to coordinate with the trees

cherry trees (1 of 7)

cherry trees (7 of 7)

cherry trees (4 of 7)

I seldom get to see this bridge being raised

cherry trees (5 of 7)

The Steel Bridge, the only double deck bridge in the world with independent lifts

(all photos were taken with a Hasselblad 500CM and Kodak Ektar 100 film. Scanned on an Epson V700)

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choosing files

This coming weekend I am taking a Platinum Printing class at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon. The first thing we will learn is how to make digital negatives. I have gone through some old photos trying to decide what to print and I have come up with a few candidates.

I am still struggling with my computer woes and have not been able to get all my photo library onto my new computer. It’s a slow process. So I would usually have more to choose from, but I think these will do.

tree in fog

a foggy day near my home

old homestead

near Summer Lake, Oregon


stone house on the rocks, Oregon

Cape Kiwanda photographers

pinhole image at Cape Kiwanda, Oregon


another pinhole image from Cape Kiwanda

Hereford Cathedral on River Wye

Hereford Cathedral, England


Broadway Tower, Wm Morris’ folly, England

Chipping Campden

Chipping Campden, England

Clifton Bridge

Clifton bridge, Bristol, England

eels anyone?

eels in Whitechapel, London, England

I have a couple more, but the negatives belong to a friend and I am thinking of printing them as a surprise so can’t share them now.

Hopefully I will have some nice prints to share next week. My own UV light box has been built. I have purchased my contact frame and paper. After class I will order my chemicals and trays and then I can start printing at home. Excited.

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With our one dry day since January I decided to take my new Wista  4×5 camera  out for a test run. I was testing several lenses, setting up the camera in one spot and not moving, so I could evaluate each lens and its field of view.

Here are some of my results:


300 mm lens. I had trouble with the focus on this and had to extend the bellows to the full 12″. Decided not to keep this lens. Mistake?


80mm lens. Pretty happy with this one. Keeping this lens


150 mm lens. Keeping this lens


203 mm lens. Obviously a bad lens and undesirable vignetting. I could keep this for dreamy scenes but the vignetting puts me off

Waiting for better weather and then will go out for more testing. One thing you need to know before setting up a large format camera, you will attract a lot of attention. I had several groups who had to poke their heads under the dark cloth to check out the glass only to exclaim, “it’s upside down”. Yes, it is. But there is nothing quite like using a large format camera. It slows you down and you have to make each image count. I can’t wait to get back out again.

(all photos taken under the St Johns Bridge in Portland with a Wista 4×5 camera with Ilford delta 100, 1/30th of a second at f11)


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We have had one of the wettest winters ever and only 3 days of sunshine. I am so ready for sunnier weather and trips to the beach. Snow has even dusted our beaches. Here are a few photos from a past trip to Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon Coast when it was sunny.

Cape Kiwanda-32Cape Kiwanda-37Cape Kiwanda-108Cape Kiwanda-140Cape Kiwanda-410Cape Kiwanda-822

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Timbers season opens soon

The Portland Timbers had a lousy season last year. They went from being MLS Champs to finishing the season without even making the play-offs. I’ve noticed this seems to happen whenever a team makes it to the top. The next season all the other teams are out to topple them and that’s exactly what happened. Worse yet, it was Seattle who won the MLS Cup this past season and we will have to put up with their gloating this season when they come to Portland.

It was still a fun season and we enjoyed almost every game. I’m concerned we will miss a few this year because my husband retired and we won’t be around as much, but we will make as many as we can, sitting in the Timbers Army section. We love the cheering and singing, but just wish we could sit down. Everyone stands for the whole game. My poor aching plantar fasciitis foot doesn’t really like that, but I’m still going. after_the_match-2



Images were all taken after the match.

(These images were all taken with an Olympus trip 35 mm camera using ASA400 black and white film by Kodak. The trip camera is just a little point and shoot film camera and the prints are a bit grainy, but the camera is fun and light….perfect for game day)

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when the city shuts down

When it snows in the Portland area the city comes to a standstill. Chains are required on all major roads into and out of Portland. So what can you do? You go out and play.

These photos are all from my neighborhood.


out my front gate


my house


my crab apple tree


my road


my house on the right


near my nephew’s house


oops, tree down


do we have to wait for the light to change? not many cars on the road today




just a creek


through the woods


finally kids are coming out to play


one of our many neighborhood parks


wish it would completely freeze over


found all the people


no school today. play time


some were done already and heading home


kids having fun

So I think the snow is over for this week, but tonight the streets will freeze and turn to an ice rink. I’m staying home.

(taken with a Sony A6000 without correcting for white balance)

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roads less traveled

Back in September my husband and I spent some time around Fort Rock, in Southern Oregon. We had never spent any time there and so spent a week driving down dirty, rocky back roads. We discovered beautiful landscapes, rock formations and interesting small towns.




Fort Rock

Fort Rock is a volcanic landmark called a tuff ring. It is believed to be somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 years old. It is approximately 4460 feet in diameter and 200 feet high.



Table Top


One thing to watch for in this part of Oregon: rattle snakes. I’m glad we didn’t come across any like we did near Hells Canyon a few years ago. No thank you.

(these photos were taken by my husband with a Noblex 135 and Kodak Ektar 100. I scanned them on an Epson V700)

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