when the city shuts down

When it snows in the Portland area the city comes to a standstill. Chains are required on all major roads into and out of Portland. So what can you do? You go out and play.

These photos are all from my neighborhood.


out my front gate


my house


my crab apple tree


my road


my house on the right


near my nephew’s house


oops, tree down


do we have to wait for the light to change? not many cars on the road today




just a creek


through the woods


finally kids are coming out to play


one of our many neighborhood parks


wish it would completely freeze over


found all the people


no school today. play time


some were done already and heading home


kids having fun

So I think the snow is over for this week, but tonight the streets will freeze and turn to an ice rink. I’m staying home.

(taken with a Sony A6000 without correcting for white balance)

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roads less traveled

Back in September my husband and I spent some time around Fort Rock, in Southern Oregon. We had never spent any time there and so spent a week driving down dirty, rocky back roads. We discovered beautiful landscapes, rock formations and interesting small towns.




Fort Rock

Fort Rock is a volcanic landmark called a tuff ring. It is believed to be somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 years old. It is approximately 4460 feet in diameter and 200 feet high.



Table Top


One thing to watch for in this part of Oregon: rattle snakes. I’m glad we didn’t come across any like we did near Hells Canyon a few years ago. No thank you.

(these photos were taken by my husband with a Noblex 135 and Kodak Ektar 100. I scanned them on an Epson V700)

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end of 2016

We got a little bit of snow in the neighborhood this month with more predicted for January 2nd. I think our neighborhood looks great in white and if I had a sled I would have been racing down the few hills we have. I was surprised more kids weren’t out playing, but these days it seems most stay inside on their computers. Their loss.

The snow melted in a few days so I’m hoping for a lot more next week.


on my front porch


I’m glad my car sits in the garage


hard packed snow with a layer of ice on the top


volleyball anyone?


no work today


walking through the trees

(photos were taken with a Sony A6000……..back to film next week)

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When it all goes wrong

Disappointing when a whole roll of film doesn’t come out the way you hoped. I seldom get my exposure times wrong, especially once I started using the Light Meter App on my iPhone. However, it all went wrong with this roll. I decided to make pinhole images of me working on crafts and baking for the holidays. My exposure times were not long enough so I end up with a blue cast on my mostly dark negatives. One of the negatives ended up with hundreds of tiny red dots all over it. Not sure what that’s about. Even with ‘dust removal’ used on my scanner I ended up with even more dust and hairs. Since I am not happy with my results I can’t be bothered removing them in Photoshop. Time to try again.

I just think it is important to share the failures as well as the hits so we can all learn from mistakes.


making cookies with Christmas lights wrapped around me. 11 minute exposure


hand sewing in the media room. 45 minute exposure


I was setting the table in our dining room. 37 minute exposure


Scanning in my office. 26 minute exposure

(all photos were taken using my Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera with Kodak Ektar 100 film and scanned on an Epson V700)

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Glass plates, part 2

More from the glass plates my husband inherited and I scanned.






When you consider the process of making glass plates you have to wonder how the photographer managed to get the photo of the dog jumping without it being a blurry mess. The exposures were usually long and people had to hold still.

The last plate, at a funeral, is a bit creepy as we don’t usually take photos at funerals, but when this plate was made it was very common to do this. Sometimes the family would pose a deceased family member for one more photo…..even surrounding live family members around a deceased person sitting up in a chair. Oh, I hope I have a plate of that long ago custom.

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Dusting off digital

Sometimes I wipe the dust off the digital camera and make some photos. Since returning to film my poor Canon 5DMkII doesn’t get a lot of use. These flower photos are from my yard this summer.






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Inheritance isn’t always about money

Part 1

My husband was lucky enough to inherit some glass plates from his Mom who had a friend whose lodger was once in the entrainment industry.  The family’s last name was Goulet, and yes a relative of the singer Robert Goulet. The housemate and three sisters, Golda, Ruby and Pearl,  lived together and none ever married. The housemate was once the manager at the Portland Orpheum Theater during vaudeville days. So along with receiving some glass plates we also received some hand written autograph photos which I may share later.

I wish I knew who all the people are in these plates, but I don’t. Still they are interesting to look at especially when you realize that each photo took some time making. Not only were exposures long, but processing was tedious and chemicals were nasty. It’s surprising that any of these glass gems survived since they are at least 100 years old.

I scanned each image on an Epson V700. I had to rest the plate directly on the scanner bed without any film guide. Some are in decent shape while others have degraded somewhat.









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