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Road trips within the USA and flights taking me to other countries.

Project Box Camera

As I have written before, I am in a group of about 25 taking part in the Project Box Camera. Each month I have been using a different box camera, shot a roll of film, and submitted it to the … Continue reading

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Saturday drives with my Hassie

During this pandemic my husband and I are getting out on Saturdays┬áto drive across parts of Oregon that are close enough to home to return on the same day. On this Saturday we drove east on I-84 and then south … Continue reading

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Getting out during a pandemic

I’ve pretty much been isolating since mid March. My niece and nephew do my grocery shopping and everything else I do online, including doctor appointments. No hair cuts, no eating out, no shopping, almost nothing. The only respite I get … Continue reading

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June Project Box camera

For the month of June I chose the Brownie Special Six-16. This all metal camera was produced between 1938-1942, the war years. It uses 620 film which you can still buy online, but it’s really just 120 respelled onto 620 … Continue reading

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When we could travel

Remember when we could travel? When we could go wherever our hearts desired? When we could fly, drive and take the train? Well, not now. I’ve been spending some time going through old photos, making books and deleting bad or … Continue reading

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Time for hobbies

Just before I went into isolation due to the covid-19 virus all around us, I managed one last drive to Oysterville, Washington. My husband and I spend most weekends doing this activity and so this isolation has been a little … Continue reading

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When in isolation…….make prints

My husband and I have decided to self-isolate for 30 days. We both have compromised immune systems. We will only go out for absolutely necessary appointments. So, what to do for 30 days? MAKE PRINTS! Luckily I have a lot … Continue reading

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Oxford architecture

I’m in the middle of choosing photos for contact printing. I plan to start with salt paper printing that Henry Fox Talbot of Lacock Abbey England invented in the 1840’s. His invention is what brought us to today and the … Continue reading

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Titan 4×5

I’m spending these rainy days in Portland going through my catalog of pinhole images. I came across these that I made with the Titan 4×5 pinhole camera while staying along the Salmon River at the base of Mt Hood. I … Continue reading

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I’ve got one word: plastics

Anyone who has watched the movie, The Graduate, knows those profound words spoken to Dustin Hoffman’s character. Who knew how right those words were. All these decades later when I travel to the Oregon coast I prefer to take some … Continue reading

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