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What is going on in and around Oregon: places, people, things. It might be travel to parts of Oregon.

My take on my Reality So Subtle 6×6 pinhole camera

Sometimes the first roll of film through a new camera doesn’t come out exactly as you expected. This was the case with my new Reality So Subtle 6×6 pinhole camera. I am not new to pinhole photography and have at … Continue reading

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roads less traveled

Back in September my husband and I spent some time around Fort Rock, in Southern Oregon. We had never spent any time there and so spent a week driving down dirty, rocky back roads. We discovered beautiful landscapes, rock formations … Continue reading

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Roads less traveled

Most weekends you might find me driving back roads to places I have never been before. Just taking off with no real destination in mind is something my husband and I enjoy doing. A couple of weeks ago we decided … Continue reading

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Beach in pinhole

I do love using my Zero Image pinhole camera at the beach. I like how the water becomes smooth and the people look ghost-like. It’s all due to the long exposures needed when using a pinhole camera. These photos were … Continue reading

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Busy year

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but have to admit that I do hope to spend more time on my photography and on my blog. I really fell down in 2015, lacking creativity, inspiration and little to … Continue reading

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Small Town Oregon

We really know how to celebrate Valentine‚Äôs day. No fancy dinners, box of candy or red roses…forget those. We took 3 days and headed to small town Oregon with my Hasselblad and 6 rolls of black and white film. We … Continue reading

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For the past couple of years my town has experienced more than its fair share of fog. I expected fog when I grew up in the San Francisco area because we were so close to the ocean, but Wilsonville is … Continue reading

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