Oliver Cromwell 


the house in Ely

 He was born in 1599 in the town of Huntigndon (My mom was a Huntington). Cromwell inherited property in Ely from his uncle.  The house was built in the 13th century. 





 Some think Cromwell was a hero and others think of him as a villan. He was Lord Protector of the Commonwealth. He fought against the King in the Civil War and was one of the men who signed the death warrant of Charles I .  On a previous trip to England I visited the manor home where the warrant was signed.


bread oven


his study


In 1658 he died from natural causes but when the Royalists took back their power they had Cromwell’s body exhumed from Westminster Abbey, hanged and beheaded. His head was removed from London Bridge and was found as recently as the 1960’s. It was finally interred at Sidney, Sussex College, Cambridge.  

his bedroom. he’s not looking too well


He was a controversial character. He was a Puritan and fiercely religious. But he also committed what we might say gemocide against the Catholics in Ireland and Scotland. He was also a military hero. So was he a good guy or a bad guy? Probably mostly bad, but you can read more at Wikipedia and decide for yourself. 

the man


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  1. Thanks for giving a fair and impartial report on Cromwell. The Irish in me appreciates it. 🙂

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