Neskowin Beach Cottages

I finally finished off the last roll of film from my trip to Neskowin with my Hasselblad and pinhole cameras.

Got them scanned yesterday and I am posting them here today without removing the dust and hairs that inevitably show up on the negatives. I just want to get these shared today, before the weekend.


Neskowin is easily reached from Portland by taking hwy 18 to the coast hwy, 101. Then it’s only a few miles north in Tillamook County. Slab Creek empties into the ocean and the creek divides the beach in half and leads out to the large basalt island known as Proposal Rock. At low tide you can walk around the rock, but it doesn’t take long for the tide to come back in and once again it becomes an island.



Proposal Rock

Proposal Rock

Also at low tide you can see the remains of an ancient forest and tree stumps make their appearance.

petrefied forest

petrefied forest



After I spent some time walking the beach and then reading in the sun I decided to walk around the neighborhood. There are so many darling beach cottages here with a population of only 170. You won’t find the massive homes you see at Cannon Beach and I am glad for that. I could easily live in one of these cuties. I found myself taking lots of photos of my favorites.


I saw lots of traffic signs urging people to slow down so I wonder about speeders through here. I am not sure how you could because the streets are short before they hit the wall before the beach. Luckily while I was out walking and standing in the middle of the streets no on came cruising past me.









There are some nice gardens too. Flowers seem to love the marine air.



After I left Neskowin I headed home with a stop at the Otis Cafe. I’ve heard that this cafe has amazing food so I finally decided to try it myself. I had no idea it was so small inside. Plan on waiting for a table so I sat at the counter. They bake their own bread, pies and cinnamon rolls. The food was delicious and I’ll be back.




About gretchen

I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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2 Responses to Neskowin Beach Cottages

  1. janaobscura says:

    I think my favorite here of all your wonderful images is the beach with the bright pink towel. I love landscapes that introduce a human element and it’s such a lovely pop of color. Looks like summer is very productive!

    • gretchen says:

      Thank you and I agree with you. It used to be that I didn’t want people in my landscape photos but the last few years I began to realize that I like the human element in some form.
      See you on the 4th.

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