a mid-week beach get away

Went to the beach for a couple of days with my friend, Vicki, to celebrate her birthday. Last year we went to Gig Harbor, Washington, and had rain. This year we decided to go to Cannon Beach, Oregon…..and had rain. However, we had better weather than Portland with intermittent sun breaks and some lovely clouds. No epic sunsets but decent evening light on the ocean.





We stayed at the Ecola Creek Lodge which was first built in the 1940’s. It suffered a lot of damage in the 1964 tsunami which was a result of the Alaska earthquake that year. It did not reopen until 1968. Soon after Lewis and Clark came through this area a hotel was built on the spot and there has been lodging at this location ever since. Our room was wonderful: large, a view of Haystack Rock, a fridge, microwave and an extra sofa. I’d stay there again.

Cannon Beach get-away-3

Cannon Beach get-away-4


After a day of shopping and antique store hopping we drove out to Ecola State Park for a few pix, hoping for a colorful sunset. It was cold and windy and no red skies, but we were still presented with lovely views.

Cannon Beach get-away-2

Cannon Beach get-away




After breakfast today we headed south along hwy 101 stopping at a few beach towns on the way. Then it was time to head home along hwy 18 back to Newberg and Wilsonville and the pouring down rain.

Cannon Beach get-away-5

We are already planning our next trip.

( these photos were taken on an old p&s camera that I dug out of a box:  Nikon Coolpix S10)


About gretchen

I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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5 Responses to a mid-week beach get away

  1. janaobscura says:

    I told my friend to visit Cannon Beach for the long weekend because, as you’ve demonstrated with your images, it’s such a beautiful location! I am planning a weekend trip to the Olympic National Park to get out and surround myself with the forest. Have a great weekend!

    • gretchen says:

      Have a great weekend. I need to get to the Olympic National Park. It’s been years since I’ve been there.
      I don’t usually go to Cannon Beach because it tends to be so touristy, but the week before Memorial May it’s like a ghost town. My favorite beaches to photograph are Oceanside and Cape Kiwanda.
      Looking forward to the pinhole get together in Seattle in August.

  2. nixonphoto says:

    Enjoyed your post. I was in Poulsbo last week rain there too!

  3. If you haven’t been there try the area south of Newport, Yachats for example. Great views, tide pools etc. great pics.

    • gretchen says:

      I was just discussing that area with my friend as we were driving home. I have been to Newport and the Cape Perpetua area. I have pinhole images on Flickr from the area. I plan to visit later this summer. Beautiful area.
      Thanks for checking out my blog

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