Day 4 in the Wallowas

Today was almost Ron’s last birthday. well, maybe not really but could have been. we were out driving back roads outside Flora, Oregon, off hwy 3, when we parked the car to watch the sunset and look down upon the Grand Rhonde River . He got out of the car, moved toward the back and all of a sudden yelled “get back in the car”. I thought maybe some wild animal was about to charge us, but no, it was a rattle snake. OMG. I’ve only seen dead ones that my Dad shot on his many hunting trips. But this one was partly coiled, rattle moving with his head up. Needless to say, we stayed in the car the rest of the evening. The strange thing is that this snake was out in the open, not under a rock or log. For the rest of this trip I am wearing long pants and my hiking boots.

this one is smaller and more dead than the one we saw by the car

Now, let’s back up to the beginning of the day, before my heart almost stopped and I had to break out the snake bite kit. How do you use that thing anyway?

As I said, it was Ron’s birthday today so he slept in. I walked down to the marina to catch the last few rays of sunrise. The smoke still sits low around the lake and the smell of smoke is in the air, but the rays coming through the smoke made for some nice photography. I also walked along the river to see the Kokanee fish spawning. Why do they swim upstream? Don’t they know it would be easier to go the other way?

walking paths in the park

morning light on the bridge

Wallowa Lake dock

smoke has really affected the views

morning light

watch the spawning fish

Ron then met me at the bottom of our road and we walked through the resort looking to see if there was a place to get a cup of coffee. Nothing was open so we drove into Joseph for breakfast. At first Ron said he wanted to hang out around the cabin, but then changed his mind and decided to go drive some back roads. There are so many photo ops that we spent 2 hours going only 10 miles. Thank goodness we both love to stop for our photography. Sometimes we just take snap shots to remember where we are and sometimes we get more artsy. I’ve been using my Canon 5D Mark II, Hasselblad 500 CM, Zero Image pinhole and the 4×5 Titan pinhole. Ron has only been using film preferring his Noblex 150 to any of his other cameras. I will share our film photos after we get them developed.

cabin for sale for $199,900

the old dance hall/roller rink


So we drove out from Wallowa along gravel roads. Over hills and through canyons for some stunning landscapes. of course we both gravitate to old abandoned buildings and vehicles. farm and wild animals always capture our interest too. here’s a few of the photos I got today with my digital camera.

loved this sign

tree line

love the textures on these old buildings

reminds me of a Highland cow

the ‘new’ Flora school

a farm in the middle of no where

I only wish I had gotten a photo of that snake.

fiery red thanks to forest fires


About gretchen

I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me. I use both digital and film cameras.
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1 Response to Day 4 in the Wallowas

  1. simon0252 says:

    Beautiful landscape and buildings, Gretchen. Lucky escape with the rattle snake. We have adders here, but I’ve never seen one – they’re no way near as deadly as a rattle snake though!

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