Day 1: driving to the Wallowas

First I have to apologize because many of my photos from this first day were taken with my Hasselblad and I have to get my film developed before I can share those photos. So after the first day of our road trip I started taking more digital photos so that I could share them sooner. I will do a ‘random shots’ blog when I finish scanning all the negatives.

I’m not sure how we can make a 5 hour drive turn into 10, but we are good at it. We drove from Portland to Joseph which is under 300 miles going from I-84 to hwy 11 and then 204 and finally to the Lake. It’s an open road easily traveled at 70 mph…..but we get side tracked. We always do. Isn’t that what road trips are about? Take the road less travelled.

We stopped at Hood River, just 90 minutes from home, for the first pit stop and donut break. We then managed to somehow pass by The Dalles, but our car veered off I-84 to duck into the tiny town of Echo. We have a favorite cafe there and since it was about time for lunch we decided to stop……but it was Sunday and the cafe was closed. Turn around and head back to the Interstate.

We then manage to get all the way to Pendleton, famous for its rodeo and roundup. This is where we really got delayed. The Roundup had just ended the day before and many of the stores were open to cater to those still in town. So we wandered in and out of antique stores and stopped to take some photos of old signs and store fronts. We were good, we didn’t buy anything.

rich colors in Pendlelton

Pendleton antique store


worn out sign_Pendleton

time for a brew in Pendleton

signs of Pendleton

We decide to take the long route to Joseph by going down highway 11, but we missed the turn off and Ron decides we should return to Pendleton for gas. The gas station turns out to be across from the drive-in we passed before so Ron stops for a burger. Delicious.

old Pendleton gas station

hwy 11 out of Pendleton

Finally, we are back on the road. We drive through several old towns that were incorporated in the late 1800’s (old for Oregon): Adams, Athena, Weston and Elgin. Most of them we just drove through checking out some of the historical buildings, but we did stop in Athena for more photos, an open quilt store and ice cream. I had Huckleberry and Ron had Maui Aui which he said tasted like Sweet Tarts.

the old theater in Athena


Athena quilt store

the old Ford garage


old hinge and new lock

We roll into Enterprise and stop and get groceries before our last 12 miles to the lake. We get to our cabin just as the sun sets. The sky is hazy from the lingering forest fires and the lake is a bit low from the dry summer, but our little cabin in the woods is perfect and it has been a great day.

first night in our cabin

We stay up late watching a bit of TV with me quilting. Time for bed.


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I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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