The last weekend of summer

Summer, for me, ends with Labor Day. I’ve always thought about the years in terms of the school year and here, in Oregon, the public schools open the day after Labor Day. This year we have a brand new elementary school in our neighborhood. The 20 mph school zones have operated all weekend to get people prepared for the change tomorrow morning. I’ll have to remember that as I head to the gym in the morning. I have a feeling the local police will make a killing in speeding tickets tomorrow, but they won’t get me.

So what did you do this holiday weekend? Mine was full of activities. It started with the annual sidewalk sale at ProPhoto in NW Portland. I thought about not going, but then figured there wouldn’t be anything I’d want/need anyway so I’d be safe. WRONG! I came out with a cool GorillaPod light, a Holga pinhole camera, a 360 degree attachment for my iPhone and an assortment of Kodak Ektar film. This was not looking good. For fun they had a FREE snow cone making machine and a photo booth. Ok, that doesn’t make up for what I spent, but it made me feel better. My husband was better and just walked out with 4 books.

Then my husband and I decided to walk down to the Art in the Pearl. Another annual event over the long weekend that takes place in the park blocks in the lower NW area of the city. However, before we even got there we walked past a woman selling some stuff, just odds and ends she was getting rid of. So what does my husband see? It’s an old Sun Gun movie light for $5.00. We don’t need it so we walk away….wait…double back…it’s his. Oh well, it’s just $5.00….and it works. We walked through Jamison Park on our way to the Art Festival and enjoyed seeing all the families taking advantage of the sunshine before the school year starts.

Art in the Pearl was crowded. I can only describe it as a higher class and more expensive form of our Saturday Market that appears each weekend near the Burnside bridge. There were beautiful paintings, ceramics, glass, jewelry and photography. Booths were set up with demonstrations in blacksmithing and metal work. Another area had tables for hands-on crafting. Of course there were food vendors and some lovely live music. Most of the items were pretty expensive and having already shot my budget for the day, we scraped up enough cash for two hot dogs and that was it. We ate them while listening to some Celtic inspired music. Time to get out of here before we find something else.

Our evening was spent at the Palace of Industry on N. Going Street. It was a party celebrating our friend Zeb’s 10th anniversary working at Blue Moon Camera in St Johns and co-worker Kendall’s leaving to pursue other things. I had never been to the Palace and have to say it is an interesting place. I loved it. They have a bar which serves delicious Mimosas and a selection of beers and other drinks, lovely vintage items to buy and a DJ who plays real albums. I will have to return because there is a table in there that I could see beautifully taking its place in my garden. My husband walked out with an album of Phil Ochs’ music. My fault because I found the album and I knew he liked him.

Now that was just our Saturday and we had two days to go.

This weekend is also the last weekend to get to the Oregon State Fair in Salem. What better way to end summer with the last fair of the season.

Now it’s Labor Day and I’m pooped. We decide to stay home and just do whatever we each would like to do. I started my morning by sitting on the porch reading a book and watching the dew on the plants and the clouds moving overhead.

soon the watering will stop and the rains will begin

It’s been a busy but wonderful summer. How was yours?


About gretchen

I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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