decorated parks

My skateboard article for the online magazine Lomography is finished and in the hands of the editors. I had so much fun doing the research for that article that I am going to continue visiting the parks. So as I travel I plan to stop at towns along my journey and check out the parks. I did three yesterday, but am only showing you Roseburg today because it is painted and therefore different from the others I have seen.

good or bad?

The Roseburg park is located right behind the Fred Meyers store off of Garden Valley Blvd and part of Stewart Park. It sits next to a nature park with pond, ducks and trails. So there is something for everyone.

this is right across from the skate park

The city did not want the park and so they would not fund it. But those who did want it pushed forward with a campaign that got them the funds and location and in 1997 it became a reality.

raising funds

Without money we’d all be rich…I like this one

When I was here yesterday there were no skaters, but I suppose school might still be in session in Roseburg. What struck me about the park is that the cement has some rather large cracks in it and I wonder if this affects the skaters. the other thing is that it is partially covered in graffiti. Some of it is okay but there are profanities painted here and there.  Maybe the tagging is encouraged. I don’t know and there was no one I could ask. But does it send the wrong message? Skateboarders can sometimes get a bad rap and I am not sure this helps their cause. Don’t get me wrong, I like the street painting of Banksy and the like, but I don’t like obscene tagging. I’d like to see this park cleaned up. Tell me what you think?

Pac man and woman. are they skaters?


what does it mean?

I don’t get it

is this an ad for a Honda ‘CRV’?

sending a message


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