VooDoo Donuts

Have you heard the story of VooDoo Donuts, located in the Old Town area of Portland? It’s famous and not just in Portland, but all over the world. I’ve never eaten one of the donuts because the line is always too long for me to wait, but what I have heard is that they are ‘yummy’, ‘to die for’ and a ‘bit weird’.

VooDoo business sign

Here’s the story as read on their website: Two good friends had wanted to start a business that would fit in to Portland’s unique atmosphere. They searched high and low trying to come up with an idea. They wanted something fun and different and somehow came up with the idea of donuts.

waiting for their donut fix

VooDoo from across the street

They didn’t even know how to make donuts so after a stint in Southern California with donut masters they learned their craft and returned to open VooDoo Donuts on SW 3rd. They don’t make just any old donut. They make a bacon maple bar that someone told me is wonderful but I can’t imagine the combination. I like the idea of the voodoo doll that is filled with raspberry jelly and opted with chocolate frosting and a pretzel stake in the heart. Or how about The Loop, a raised donut with vanilla frosting and Fruit Loops on top? Some donuts have names that recall other places in the US: Memphis Mafia,  the Texas Challenge or the Miami Vice Berry. Some are odd shapes: the Cock-n-Balls which needs no explanation and I won’t tell you what it is made from. but I’d stick with Bavarian cream or a plain old glazed raised cake. Maybe one day I’ll mange to make it in the door.

getting ready to get at the end of the line

Just around the corner is a brew pub and you can sit at the tables to enjoy your treats or have pint. On weekends there will be street performers and interesting people just hanging around. Saturday Market is just a block away.

around the corner from VooDoo

performing on the street by VooDoo

waiting for their donuts

I read someplace, and can’t remember where, that ‘Portland is a city where ’20-something year olds come to not work’. REALLY?

Just a Portland character who must have been hot


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