It’s Portland Timbers Time

wear the Timbers Army scarf proudly

We are the Timbers,

mighty mighty Timbers

everywhere we go

people want to know

who we are

so we tell them…

we are the TIMBERS

Loyal to the day they die

The Timbers Army is the loud and loyal supporter’s group. Sitting in section 107 they provide the Timbers with encouragement and praise while telling the opponents to go home by taking out their keys and shaking them at the away team. The atmosphere is considered the best in the MLS. The singing never stops during the whole match nor does the Army sit down. I know, I am one of them.

shaking of the keys

stand proud and cheer

the green and gold flags

Soccer is the game

We’re the Portland Timbers

And winning is our game

So let’s give all of the boys a cheer

for the Portland Timbers will be here

screaming fans fill this end of the stadium

green smoke bombs celebrate goals

The Army was formed in 2001 as a group of 8. They would gather behind the goal in the north end trying to create a European-style rooting section complete with drums, flags, scarves, smoke bombs and constant cheering and chanting. By 2004 the group had grown to 200+. Then by 2005, when they were featured in a cover story in the newspaper “Willamette Week” they grew to a thunderous 1000 plus crazy fans. Now, in 2012,the Army fills the north end of Jeld-Wen Field and has even spread to the corners. If you sit in the Army section then one of the rules is that you MUST chant.

hands up when you cheer

Stand if you support the Timbers

Portland boys, we are here

Hug your women, drink your beer

Burn destroy, wreck and kill

Portland Timbers bloody will.

We are green, we are white

we are bloody dynamite

Can you hear the others sing

I can’t hear a bloody thing

beer drinking on a timber round after a goal

The Army’s support helped the Portland City Council approve a deal to bring the MLS to Portland in 2011. Every match sells out and fans that aren’t lucky enough to have a ticket wait outside the stadium hoping to snag one.

We are mental,

and we are green,

We are the greatest, football supporters

that the world has ever seen

mascot Timber Joey

The Mascot is Timber Joey. He carries a chainsaw and wears a hard-hat. The tradition started in the 1970’s with Timber Jim, who retired in 2008. Each time a goal is made Timber Joey cuts off a slab from the log that sits in front of the Army section. At the end of the match he presents the slabs to the scorer…..and the fans scream. The newest import to the Timbers, Chris Boyd from Scotland, thought the practice a bit weird (KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD is the city’s slogan) but after collecting many rounds himself he is totally in to it and says he soon can make a table. We say:GOAL!!!!

It's another goal for Portland

And when the refs make a bad call the army lets them know with:

I’m blind

I’m deaf

I want to be a ref

the aftermath

We’ll sing for you Timbers

Till you finish the fight

there’s a party in Portland

No one’s sleeping tonight


It's party time and the confetti flies

Sorry for the grainy photos taken with an iPhone. The panos were taken by my husband with a 1969 Russian Horizont camera at 1/30 and handheld, so the photos are not quite sharp. But you get the idea.

About gretchen

I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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