the invading sun with the Horizont panorama camera

35 mm Russian camera made for the German market

The Russian Horizont swing lens camera makes some wonderful photos, my favorites being street scenes that allow the observer to peak around two corners at once. The camera has a curved film plane and a sweeping lens with a removable view finder. It takes 35mm film. It is small enough to carry around the city without attracting a lot of attention although I find that anytime I use one of my film cameras I seem to attract attention.

when I felt cropping out the sun gave a better result

I prefer 120 film that the Noblex 150 uses but the camera is a lot bigger and heavier and not easily taken on long trips. At least I haven’t tried yet. It would be okay on a road trip but flying overseas with everything else I carry would make it a bit difficult. But the advantage of the 120 film is that the result is about a 70 megapixel file. Which means you can enlarge the photo…….a lot!

Noblex 150 uses 120 film and has a slow speed control

size comparison

But back to the Horizont that I used to take photos on the streets of Bath, England. Usually I am not met with days and days of sunshine in England, but this last trip proved to be one filled with the bright yellow sphere in the sky. Now, I am not complaining, because sunny days make for nice vacations that include many hours of walking. I easily covered 7 miles each day on this last one. However, the sunshine does present some problems with a panoramic camera. Sometimes there is just no way to get around that yellow glow from leaving its mark. So what do you do?

You either leave it and just say that’s part of the look and sometimes that’s okay with me. Or you have to crop it out. I suppose, in Photoshop, I could painstakingly clone or erase it, but I have a life. I spend enough hours removing the dust from my negatives even after I clean them, filter my room, and clean my scanner before each session. Where does that dust come from? That’s a whole other discussion.

sun stripe over the bridge

trying to lessen the sun with Lightroom adjustments which changed the overall hue

full view of steps, but with glow of sun

when the cropping results in a completely different feel to the picture

You decide? Crop or not?

sun across the Abbey

just cropping out the sun

However, there are times when you want that sun in the photo:

sometimes looking into the light results in a nice effect

sometimes you want the sun during a sunset like this one over Bath, England

Although my Horizont camera is from the late 60’s and is very sturdy and made out of metal you can purchase a new lighter version from the Lomography website for either $299 or $449. Mine was bought on E-bay and then refurbished in Canada for about the same cost as the new one at $449, but I have a classic and I like that. However, I keep lusting over the one at Lomography too.

And if you’d like a funky panoramic camera without a swing lens you could try the Sprocket Rocket at $89. I reviewed this camera in an earlier post. I love the look with the sprocket holes.

a 35mm plastic panorama camera

Or try the new Holga panoramic camera that takes 120 film. I was just introduced to this camera at the reopening of Blue Moon Camera in Portland. There you will find everything  that has to do with film photography. With the Holga panoramic you’ll get the signature light leaks and dark corners. When moving the film counter you use odd numbers just like you do with the Hoga 3-D camera. The price tag is about $80. I haven’t tried it yet, but when I do I will review it here on my blog. Thank you Blue Moon for the latest addition to my collection of cameras.

a Holga panoramic camera

For those of you who are using film and scanning your negatives at home: I replaced my Epson 4449 with the Epson V-700. It doesn’t do anything differently but it is faster than the old one. Like all my other equipment, my old scanner is now in my husband’s office waiting for him to start scanning his own negatives.:)


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