Signs of Spring

and I am out walking. I’ve decided to get out and walk the major Portland neighborhoods over the next several months as the days get longer and warmer. I’ll get to know my city better and at the same time add to my photo library. The exercise won’t hurt me either.

map of Ladd's Addition

Today I walked the streets of Ladd’s Addition which is easier than driving them. The streets are laid out in a diagonal pattern compared to Portland’s usual grid pattern. This neighborhood in SE Portland is one of its oldest.

beautiful house on garden on SE Elliott and Hazel

mansions abound

pink stucco on SE Larch and Harrison

patriotic on the porch

out of place on SE Hemlock

Wm Ladd, the 19th-century Mayor, owned the original 126 acres here. He subdivided it into residential lots in 1891. The houses, large and small, date from the early 20th century and are representative of many styles. Alleys run behind the homes to get access to small single-car garages and back gardens.

yellow swing

down one of many alleys

the garage around the corner

Businesses, except for the coffee shop Piola, lay outside the grid. Just a few blocks away, on SE Hawthorne, are all the shops and restaurants that anyone would need. The district is just a couple of miles from downtown Portland which provides easy access for people working in the city.

Piola coffee-house

lots of restaurants on Hawthorne

cinema on SE Hawthorne

Se Hawthorne into downtown

American Elm trees line the streets along with four diamond-shaped rose gardens in each quadrant. There is also a large circular garden in the center of the neighborhood across the street from the coffee shop/cafe. I plan to return in June to see the roses in full bloom.

American elms line the streets

one of the rose gardens in winter

Spring is not in full swing here, but there are signs of it cropping up.

emerging Spring

Spring brings out the yellow

I was able to walk the area in a couple of hours, stopping here and there to take photos. Then I headed down to Se 10th and Clay to catch the exhibit of black and white photos at Newspace Center for Photography. Well worth the visit.

balloon graffiti on SE 12th and Mill

Now, for my next neighborhood……I’m making my list.


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I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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