As promised: a Lomo Kino review….of sorts

Let me start by saying that shooting the 35 mm movie with the Lomo Kino camera was a piece of cake and a lot of fun. But then the work started and the fun ended. Either that or I am just a complete idiot and am missing something that makes it all really simple.

I started by loading my film strip in the Lomo Kino viewer, but that only allows one person to view the movie at a time. Not so bad, but it won’t work if you have used regular film because what you will be looking at are negatives. Interesting but not what you want. So if you want to watch your movie with the viewer  buy transparency film so that when your film is developed you’ll have a positive and not a negative. Then run it through the Lomo Kino viewer and voila, you have a movie. I am going to opt for this version from now on and hope that the Lomography people will come out with a little projector to share my movies with others.

But let’s talk about what I went through to put a movie here: ?????   Where is it? Oh there’s another hitch. I have to spend at least $60 to download a video clip into WordPress. Unless I plan to share more of these films I wasn’t about to spend this for one posting. Bare with me.

So here’s what I went through:

  1. I cut the film strip into sections that would fit into the scanning mask which ended up being about 17 frames. I scanned one tiny frame at a time and saved them into a folder on my desk top. this took 2 hours. I had 7 strips with 17 frames on each. you do the math. I thought it might be faster if I switched to saving them in JPEG so about halfway through I did that. Mistake. When I went to ‘save’ them into iPhoto I could only import the TIFFS. The JPEGS wouldn’t import. I have no idea why. So I wasted 2 hours.

    one frame scanned at a time

  2. Then I scanned again and saved them as thumbnails. When you import them into i-Movie the movie lasts about 3 seconds. So this won’t work either.

    scanned as a tumbnail

  3. Scanned the strips again but this time only 7 scans because I scanned a whole strip at a time. In iPhoto I started cropping each frame from the strips. Again 7 x 17=UGH. This means you have to keep duplicating the strip because once you crop a frame the rest of the strip disappears from i Photo. So this isn’t a good option either, as I can tell.
  4. One more try. I scanned again….strip by strip…resulting in another 7 scans. I thought, what the heck, I’ll add those to iMovie and see what happens. This was by far the easiest option and IT WORKED! but to show you I have to shell out $60. Still thinking about that.

    24 frames

I went online and found some other instructions that suggested my option #3. The instructions said to crop the scans into individual frames using an image editing program. I’m thinking something other than iPhoto. Then it said to save each frame as a different file and number them. After that, import them into iMovie and go from there. This will probably work, but will take a lot of time and after I went through steps 1 through 4, I decided I’m done for now. Maybe when I can’t sleep some night I’ll tackle this again.

My last word: I think the idea of the Lomo Kino is great. It was fun to use. I love looking at my film strips as they hang on the wall. They remind me of the old 8mm movies I watched as a kid. But for me, I am going to use transparency film and watch them in my little viewer. I’d share them in .mac gallery, but Apple is doing away with that so I might have to share them on Facebook……or pay $ 60/year to share them here.

If anyone is reading this who has used this camera and found a quick way to make the strips into a movie then please let me know. I have a life other than sitting at a scanner….I think.


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I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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