Lincoln Cathedral for a day

Lincoln Cathedral_day 3

What a full day. On my way to the Cathedral by 7:45 this morning. I know, it was early but wanted to catch the morning light and I had been awake since 4:30 so might as well be doing something. Glad I went early, had the Cathedral to myself. I was able to put my camera on the floor to take photos of grotesques and green men on the ceiling of the cloisters. The only interruption was when the school kids came through to get their pictures taken in their new uniforms. I managed to sneak a few shots of them myself as they passed by me. With the backlighting they made for nice silhouettes.

hymns and psalms

getting help

school children

sitting in the choir

At 11:00 I went on a guided tour of the roof area. It was almost 2 hours and six of us were led into areas not generally seen by the public. We climbed up a circular staircase to the area in front of the circular stained glass window, then to the tower where they pull the bells, and out onto the lead roof to look out over the surrounding landscape. We even stood above the ribbed ceilings and got to see how they were built, stone by stone.

nave from above

round stained glass window

bell pulls

under the roof

area above the nave ribbed vaults

on the roof

After the tour it was time for lunch in the Cathedral café. I always find the food served in the cathedrals to be especially delicious. I had a potato, leek and cheese bake combined with a salad combination. Yum. I skipped the dessert.

lunch at Cathedral cafe

Next it was on to the library to use their Internet services. What a fiasco. Every 10 minutes I’d get knocked off and have to start again. So what should have taken less than an hour took me two. I never was able to get into my email so I won’t be able to check messages for the next week.

After a quick dinner it was back to the Cathedral to try some nighttime photography. It was very windy and I heard that the weather is changing soon. Not happy about that, but the last three weeks have been dry and warm and so can’t complain. Low light photography is always a challenge. If I could just set my focus to infinity it would be so much easier, but I find that if I do that I am not in focus as I should be. So there’s a lot of messing around. I’m still working on it.

long exposures

taking photos at night


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