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Saturday October 1, 2011 Lincoln

Well I’m sure glad I took the train at 11:29 that gave me 28 minutes to change trains in Retford. Ha! My train from York got delayed on the way and I had 3 minutes to spare at Retford. To spare what? Not my back or neck, that’s for sure. I had to run, and I mean run to make my connection. This entailed running down a platform, up stairs, across tracks, down stairs and down another platform. I made it. Not sure how. I was dragging my 50 pound bag, a 20 pound back pack and a lap top bag with computer and unexposed film. If this had been at the beginning of my trip I could never have done it, but on this trip I am slowly getting back in shape and I got my train. Yeah.

Got to Lincoln safe and sound and needed to buy a ticket for my trip next week back to London. Is it really time to return to London already? This trip has gone too fast. I still have too much to see and do. Oops, getting off the subject here. I got up to the ticket booth and told the woman what I needed. She must have thought I looked pretty worn out because she recommended I get a reserved seat in first class with no changes. Sounds good to me. After weeks of dragging bags on and off the trains, minding the gap, standing the whole way because all seats taken(whatever happened to giving up your seat for a middle-aged woman?) I deserved the first class treatment. It’s a two-hour train trip into Kings Cross, London, so it will be worth it. And it was only 5 pounds extra.

So, Lincoln. Got to my cottage, small, really small, and then went for a walk. The cottage is off Steep Hill and that’s a good name for it. It is now for pedestrians only which is good with the weekend crowds taking over. Up to the Cathedral I went. The Cathedral is why I am visiting this town. It’s the third largest in Great Britain. It does not disappoint. I took a quick tour around and decided this will need a full day. So I’ve signed up for the ‘climbing on the roof’ tour for Monday at 11:00 and will spend the rest of the day exploring this magnificent place. I did manage to sit in on choir practice and the acoustics are fabulous.

Steep Hill

Back down the hill to pick up some groceries. Dinner in the back garden. Unpacking…again. Laundry. And an early night. Tomorrow is a proper exploration day.

the new and old way


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I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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