riding the rails

I love the public transport system in London. Yes, there are break downs and cancelled schedules, but it is still pretty easy to get around without a car. I took the train on Saturday into the city from the SE area of London. It was easy, only about 20 minutes from my friend’s house. I traveled to Victoria Station and then into the Underground for my trip to the St Pauls Station and a short walk to the Museum of London.

Now with the Oyster card it is even cheaper than an all-day travel card. You can just top the card up at a news agent shop and be on your way. At home in Portland I try to take the train or ride my bike whenever it is possible, but we just don’t have convenient public transport even though it has one of the best systems in the US. Of course, London has had over 100 years to perfect their system. As I travel around England I will be doing a lot of train travel from Brunel’s Great Western Railway to the trains that travel north through Yorkshire.
No car. No petrol. No road rage.

About gretchen

I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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