The Goonies

Who didn’t love the movie, “Goonies“, the 1985 movie about a bunch of kids who discover a treasure map and set out to find it. I know, I know, what else would they have done, but it didn’t take long for this movie to enjoy a kind of cult following. All you have to do is google the name “Goonies”, and you’ll see what I mean.
The location for this film was in and around Astoria, Oregon. I visit Astoria quite often but it is usually to visit one of my favorite photography galleries, Light Box, but on this day I was meeting up with my sister who was visiting from California and we decided to do the Goonies walking tour. Now I have to tell you that most of the beach scenes were not shot here in Astoria but were south of here in Ecola State Park with views of Cannon beach. But today I was staying in Astoria to check out the buildings used in the movie.
The first stop was the jail, now a media museum. i thought the museum would be more about all the movies that were filmed in Astoria: Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy, Teenage Mutant Turtles and Short Circuit, but the museum is almost entirely given over to Goonies. not that I am complaining because that’s what I wanted to see. There is even a room where you can be filmed in your own starring role. I passed on that. So you get to wander the halls of the jail and even step into the cells. There is a great gift shop where you can buy all kinds of Goonies gear, and I am such a sucker for gift shops that I did come out with a few souvenirs. The jail featured in the beginning of the movie when Mama Fratelli breaks her son out.
From there we walked across the street to the Flavel House. The house is located on 8th street and was built in 1885 for Captain george Flavel and his family. The house is a great example of Victorian architecture. This is where Mikey’s dad worked as the curator of the museum.
It was over a mile walk to our main attraction, Mikey’s house. It has a grand location above the town. We got a chance to talk to the now owners and they said they don’t mind all the people stopping to look and take photos. They even had a donation box out in front and I dropped in a bit to help keep the house looking in tip-top condition. I think they should think about opening the house for tours. The house next door is where Data lived and it is now ‘for sale’ and unfortunately it is not kept up as nicely. However, you could own a bit of film history and that could be worth it.
After that we walked down the hill and past the old ice cream shop that has been in business for decades. It too is ‘for sale’ for $190,000. Sad really. It’s a real landmark as you drive in to town from hwy 30 and Portland. I was there during the day and it was closed by 3 and so I was unable to get photos of the sign all lighted. Maybe next time.
I’m not including photos of the Astoria Bridge or the Column because that’s all part of another day. Although Astoria is suffering from the economic downturn here in Oregon it is still a great place to visit, walk along the waterfront, visit shops and restaurants, climb the column and don’t forget……the Goonies

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I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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One Response to The Goonies

  1. B.Held says:

    I love the Goonies, and these photographs were so much fun! Just wonderful work.

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