Puppies are a week old





Mom has to eat too


I’m so tired

5 at a time

We got to go see the new sheepdog puppies today. They are only 9 days old and so small. Only weigh about 1 1/2 pounds and fit in the palm of your hand. They can’t see, hear or walk, but they can yawn, stretch and eat.

Poor Sophia, the Mom. She has to feed 10 and she does it by feeding 5 at a time. She is such a trooper and with instinct knows just what to do.

One of the puppies fell asleep in Ron’s arms. Another pooped on his shirt and jeans. Guess the pup felt comfortable. So funny.

We will go back and see them in two weeks.


About gretchen

I love living in the Pacific Northwest being close to the mountains and the ocean. My hobbies include photography, travel, reading, biking, walking and gardening. I am an Anglophile at heart and try to visit the UK often. My camera goes everywhere with me.
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