Sea Lions

A spur of the moment road trip to Newport, Oregon, to have some clam chowder. The sea lions are taking over the coast and making life miserable for the fishermen, not to mention the noise they make. It’s like ‘king of the hill’ and if a poor little sea lion tries to get up on a dock to sun himself some big old monster screams at hime and knocks him back into the water. Bullies.

DSC00247 DSC00251 DSC00252 DSC00254 DSC00255 DSC00259 DSC00261 DSC00262 DSC00263 DSC00269

(photos taken with a Sony a600)

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It’s Autumn in Oregon

The sun is lower in the sky and the rain is beginning to put tiny droplets on my plants. Glad to see it come as it was a very long hot summer. Fires rage in the Northwest and California. We all need the rain.

It’s also the last days of our neighborhood Farmer’s Market. Every Thursday vendors gather in Villebois to sell their fruits and veggies, flowers, crafts and wonderful food. I’ll miss it.

VillFarmMkt_holga199 VillFarmMkt_holga200 VillFarmMkt_holga201 VillFarmMkt_holga202 VillFarmMkt_holga203 VillFarmMkt_holga204 VillFarmMkt_holga205 VillFarmMkt_holga206 VillFarmMkt_holga207 VillFarmMkt_holga208 VillFarmMkt_holga209 VillFarmMkt_holga210

(all these photos were taken with my Holga 120 CFN and Kodak Portra 400. Scanned on an Epson V700)

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Summer is gone

I don’t know where I have been this summer. The weather was so hot that I didn’t get out with my cameras as much as usual. You’d think I would love all the hot, sunny, bright blue skies but when the temperatures get over 80 I tend to melt. I used to be able to bask in the sun for hours, but not any more. Plus, as a photographer, that harsh light is not my favorite.

I escaped to the beach a few times where it was only slightly cooler. As in the past I traveled light with my little cheap la Sardina Lomography camera and my Zero Image pinhole. The La Sardina photos are so grainy and of poor quality that I can’t be bothered to remove the dust particles from the negatives. I think it is time to go back to taking my Hasselblad to the beach, but I worry about getting sand in it….not a good thing.

I used Kodak Ektar 100 film for these pinhole images:






For the La Sardina camera, I used Kodak Portra 400 35mm film:








Fall is in the air as temperatures have dropped and wet stuff is falling from the sky. I am ready.

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Familiar sites

Heading back to London soon and I have missed that city and all my friends there. I know a lot of people don’t like the city because it is so huge, but I like the hustle and bustle. But more than that I love the architecture, all the galleries, and yes, even the food. Back in 1998, I met and became friends with a London family and now that groups has grown through friends and new births. I can’t wait to see everyone again.

making plans

making plans










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row, row, row your boat

….not gently down the stream but over the lake, Trillium Lake. Heading there again soon with the #pinholemayhem gang, but I had to test out the new boat first. It’s been a long time since I spent summers at Webber Lake, out of Truckee California, rowing the day away with my sister and close friends. We’d check out the big old wooden boats from the 1860’s saloon, turned camp office, and then row and row. No life jackets in those days and we thought we were so grown up. It was only years later we discovered that Mom was keeping a keen eye on us. Now I wouldn’t dream going out without my life jacket, walkie talkie and safety gear.

I also went with my little metal 35mm La Sardina camera from Lomography. Never know when water might crash over the boat and I don’t want to ruin my best cameras. I am sharing a few photos from my last trip taken with Kodak Portra 400.

trilliumLake_LaSardina860 trilliumLake_LaSardina865 trilliumLake_LaSardina874 trilliumLake_LaSardina875 trilliumLake_LaSardina876 trilliumLake_LaSardina879

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Escaping the heat

The Portland area is having an unusually hot summer with many days above 90. Luckily only living 70 miles from the Oregon coast, I can escape the heat easily. I did that one day last week by making a day trip to Cannon Beach.

I used my taped up Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera making photos of scenes on the beach. I think I see a new camera in my future. I keep seeing that light leak on the lower left corner. When I remove my film it is wound tightly so I don’t know where the light is seeping in. Oh well, you just never know exactly what you’ll get with film until it is developed. Isn’t that one of the reasons we love film?

kids building sand castles

kids building sand castles

umbrella protection

umbrella protection

friends enjoying the day

friends enjoying the day

(pinhole images taken with Kodak Ektar 100)

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Fleeting Summer

The summer is speeding past and I haven’t blogged in almost a month. I’ve been busy with rowing at Trillium Lake, Rose Festival in Portland, short little trips around Oregon, to the mountains and the beach. To be honest I just haven’t had much to say lately. I’ve been spending less time on my computer and more time outside. We haven’t had rain in a month so I am taking advantage of glorious hot days. I did manage to go to the balloon festival which is part of the Portland Rose Festival celebrations. So, although I don’t have much to say, I will share some photos from the event.

The first set of photos were taken with a Noblex 135u panoramic camera loaded with Kodak Portra 400.Noblex135807








The evening photos were taken with a Canon 5DMkII:





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