pinhole day 3

Just wanted to share some more pinhole images celebrating the week after Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.



Spring tulips


cherry trees in bloom at University of Washington


under the Japanese maple


river crossing

(photos taken with Zero Image pinhole cameras and Kodak Ektar 100 film)

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More pinhole

I thought I’d share a few photos from  my collection of pinhole images I’ve made over the years. The first pinhole image I ever made is the one I use as my header on this blog. I’m rather proud of it because the BBC photography editor asked to use it as a lead-in photo for an article on WPPD several years ago. I was honored. Since then I have made hundreds of pinhole images covering many subjects and locations. I’m going to share a few over the next week.


pinhole photographers from WPPD 2015


pinhole photographers from WPPD 2014


Cape Kiwanda, Oregon


Trillium Lake, Oregon


Astoria, Oregon


Palouse, WA


Lime, Oregon


Capitol building, Salem, Oregon


the bridge over the old Donnor Pass, California. made with a 4×5 Harmon Titan camera

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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2016

Last year for WPPD Portland hosted a group of like photographers from near and far. This year the group met in Barcelona today, but I’m left at home with an injured foot. I’ve been absent from blogging and Flickr because of my injury. It hasn’t been fun. I miss getting out with my camera and meeting up with my Pinhole Mayhem group. I’m hoping I’m not laid up all summer or I’ll be a very grumpy photographer.

So while stuck at home I made a series of ‘at home’ images with my Zero Image 6×9 pinhole camera. These are just a few from that ongoing series. Life is a bit boring lately, but I’m getting a few things accomplished including a new quilt and several books read.

For those of you who have never used a pinhole camera please try one. It’s just a box with a tiny tiny hole in it that lets light reach the film in the camera. The exposures are long, anything from a few seconds to minutes and hours. A pinhole camera allows you to relax, sit, take in your surroundings because there  is no hurry. Check out the Zero Image website for a selection of beautifully made cameras. There are also many independent people building beautiful cameras so you could just Google”pinhole cameras” and probably come up with hundreds of options. 2016 might just be the year to try something new and then join a group of pinhole crazies for WPPD in 2017.


Days in bed


working on a photo book


cutting out a quilt


sewing a quilt in media room


still have to do laundry


resting on the front porch


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alleys and trash

I seem to be attracted to wondering down alleys and making photos of whatever I find. I especially enjoy visiting small towns throughout the Pacific Northwest. My husband and I returned to Cottage Grove, Oregon, to visit a favorite antique store. The store was closed so we wandered the streets and alleys. Almost all the stores were closed that day but the alleys were ripe for photography.

Cottage Grove is famous for its role in the last scenes of the movie “Animal House” when the parade and mayhem bring the movie to its close. The college scenes were shot at my alma mater, University of Oregon in Eugene.

All these photos were taken with my 1976 Hasselblad 500Cm and Ilford 125 film. I developed the film at home using Ilfosol and scanned on an Epson V700.







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Beach in pinhole

I do love using my Zero Image pinhole camera at the beach. I like how the water becomes smooth and the people look ghost-like. It’s all due to the long exposures needed when using a pinhole camera.

These photos were all taken on the Oregon coast. I have been side-lined lately, but hoping Spring and Summer will bring more pinhole adventures and many more trips to the beach.


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Pinhole Mayhem 2016

It’s been a few months since my Pinhole Mayhem group has managed an outing. I was traveling in England for 7 weeks and then when I came home we were busy with Christmas and then the weather turned. Each time we tried to get together we were stopped by Mother Nature. Finally, at the end of January we got together. It was a sunny beautiful Monday in downtown Portland.

We met up at Powell’s City of Books for coffee and  brainstorming about what we’d like to do for the next 12 months on our pinhole Mondays.


coffee at Powells. 5 minute exposure


Powells. 5 minute exposure

We then wandered the streets, stopping for lunch at Boke Bowl on NW 18th and Northrup.


Boke Bowl. 4 minute exposure

We took time to bask in the sunshine


Me and Donna. 12 second exposure

We managed some self portraits along the way.


me. 20 second exposure

Our last stop was Keller fountain. The water is turned off for winter, but we stayed long enough for one more photo.


Keller Fountain. Moving around, Monica, me, Donna and me again. 4 minute exposure.

I plan to use more 4×5 film in 2016. I love the large negatives and detail they provide.

(all photos taken with my 4×5 Titan pinhole camera and Delta 100 Pro, b&w film. Developed at home and scanned on an Epson V700)

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Busy year

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but have to admit that I do hope to spend more time on my photography and on my blog. I really fell down in 2015, lacking creativity, inspiration and little to talk about. However, looking back on 2015 I discovered I was quite busy and spent more time away from my computer, which I think, is a good thing.

Here’s just a bit of what I was up to in 2015:

I spent many days at the beach


Had wonderful outings with my pinhole mayhem group


Started a new series of small town post offices


Took walks in Portland neighborhoods


Took part in World Wide Pinhole Day in Portland, Oregon


Took many weekend road trips visiting small towns and one weekend drove down to Shasta just to photograph this famous old gas station


Spent a lot of time in downtown Portland and walked across the new bridge on opening day


Celebrated my Dad’s 90th birthday in June

Mt Hood Loop

Took up rowing


Said goodbye to the iconic Portland airport carpet



Spent several weeks at my friend’s cabin along the Salmon River

Doris' cabin

Helped cheer the Portland Timbers to MLS Cup championship


Said goodbye to the original University of Oregon fishbowl, made famous in the movie “Animal House”


And in the Fall I returned to London for 7 weeks where I spent time with the Crabb family and met Madison for the first time. Took her, Sophie and Debbie to their first-ever pumpkin patch


red riding hood


Ending with Christmas and photos not downloaded yet. See, I am so behind.

(all these photos were either with various film cameras, including pinhole, or my new Sony A6000)

And I’d just like to say I hate the new WordPress format and changes they have made. It was better before. However, I still hope to blog here once a week unless it becomes too frustrating. Then I might have to find a new user-friendly site. Happy New Year.

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