Restaurants in pinhole

Seems I am seldom able to go to a restaurant without one of my pinhole cameras. I used two different cameras making these photos: Reality So Subtle 6×6 with filter threads and the Reality So Subtle pinhole camera with upper and lower pinholes.  Usually my exposures in restaurants are on the long side, anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes . However, at the bakery in Lake Oswego I wish I had the filter threaded pinhole camera as the exposures were only a few seconds in length and for the first time my fingers showed up in the photos.

All these photos were made using Kodak Portra 400 film.


Subway, Wilsonville Oregon


Subway decisions


Biscuits for breakfast, Wilsonville, Oregon


Looking out from Mo’s in Astoria


Mo’s in Astoria, Oregon


Bakery in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Note my hand over the top of the photo.


Lake Oswego bakery. Note the ghosty people placing their orders.

Enjoy your meals because I may be pinholing you.

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Titan 4×5 pinhole camera

I was in search of images made with my Titan 4×5 pinhole camera. I love this camera. It’s durable and it makes wonderful images. Looking back through my pinhole catalog I discovered these three images I made up around Mt St Helens in Washington. Luckily no ash or steam was erupting from the mountain. I saw the mountain when it exploded in 1980. I had the perfect view of the mountain from my downtown Portland office.

My home was filled with fine ash. We were having it remodeled and they had cut holes in the roof for three large sky lights. Needless to say the ash filtered down through the cut outs. It also planted itself in our rain gutters and then when it rained it turned to cement. Another casualty was the new paint job on our restored 1964 Porsche 356C. The contractor had parked it outside while he was working and the ash did its damage to the paint. But all said and done, we survived and everything was fixed.

Enjoy these three images while the mountain is quiet.


Mt St Helens


from the valley below


just a dead tree

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Karen Burns workshop in pinhole

A couple of weekends ago I attended a Still Life/Food photography workshop taught by Karen Burns from Granite Bay, California.  It was so nice of her to bring her props, cameras and knowledge to the PNW. While I did take hundreds of photos with my Sony a6500 and many different Lensbaby lenses, I wanted to share some pinhole images I made, behind the scenes.

I decided against making the trip to and from my house to the actual location due to the usual horrible traffic between Washington and Oregon. I found a Holiday Inn Express only a few miles from Deb Spofford’s barn where we held the workshop.

at hotel

This is me doing a bit of studying before the day begins. Zero Image pinhole. 8 minute exposure

We  would use the second floor of the barn to make our photos from the many props provided for us.


Laying out a flat still life of yummy muffins and silver. Zero Image pinhole camera. 2 minute exposure

Then we’d head downstairs to eat the food props. We were provided with all the yummy recipes.

karen Burns workshop

First we make photos of the food and then we eat the props. Zero Image pinhole camera. 9 minute exposure

We spent 2 1/2 days in this beautiful new barn built by Deb Spofford and her husband. Her husband also served us a wonderful happy hour meal with wine on Saturday night.


Karen standing in front of the black back drop giving us a demonstration on how to set up this photo of a muffin on a fork dusted with powered sugar.  Zero Image pinhole camera. 5 minute exposure

Karen and her co-instructor Marie Otero packed the car with tons of props. Deb also provided some of her own. We had a wonderful collection of props to use plus Lensbaby loaned us some of their lenses to try.


choosing props and designing sets. Zero Image pinhole camera. 30 second exposure

We were a small group which allowed us to get lots of one-on-one help if needed. It also meant we all got enough time to make photos of each of the set ups that were placed around the barn. The barn had amazing light and this workshop was all about using natural light or always-on photography lights. No flash was used.

For more information please check out Karen at Also check out Deb Spofford at  Deb prints beautiful linen fabrics from wood blocks that she designs and cuts. Her studio is amazing and she has many lovely fabrics and pillows in her shop for purchase.  Lucky me, I won two of her gorgeous pillows.

Thank you to Karen, Marie and Deb. It was a fabulous weekend.


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Lensbaby and still life

I haven’t been involved in a photography workshop in quite some time, but when Karen Burns announced that she would bring her photography skills north to Vancouver, Washington from California I knew I needed to sign up.

I spent 2 1/2 days learning from Karen and using many different Lensbaby lenses, my own and ones provided to the class by our local Lensbaby crew. Thank you Lensbaby. I’ve always enjoyed Karen’s moody still life and food photography and wanted to learn to shoot in a similar way. We learned how to make creative and pleasing set ups, how to edit to get that moody look, and also how to get that washed out high key look. The mantra was “first we shoot, then we eat”. When you don’t use any chemicals or fake ingredients then you can actually eat the food. We did, plus walked away with all the recipes.

One of the best things was I got to spend the weekend with other creative women. We all have our own style and we shared our ideas and thoughts on set ups and camera settings. Even if you have been doing photography for decades it is never too late to learn more and spend time with people who also enjoy the journey.

Here are just a few of the photos from this past weekend, all from my Sony a6500 and Lensbaby lenses.



_DSC3248_DSC3219_DSC3223_DSC3184_DSC3090_DSC2827_DSC2802_DSC2652Most of you who follow me here know that I use film more than digital so this felt good to get out the Sony and my Lensbaby lenses. Oh, but I did also use a roll of 120 film in my pinhole camera to make images of behind-the-scenes work. Stay tuned for those.

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Running on Empty

I’m working on a series of abandoned and repurposed gas stations. I’ve been editing them to make a digitally printed book. After that book is complete I plan to choose about 25 images and through contact printing I will make platinum prints and put them into a limited edition handmade book .

This has been a fun project. I have spent about 5 years driving backroads through Oregon and Northern California looking for these decaying service stations. Service? Yes, some of us do remember the days when our oil was checked and windows washed while the car was filled up with gas. Then, due to environmental concerns and other  rules, the gas pumps and underground storage tanks were removed or left to decay. Some station owners could not afford to convert following the new standards and so they closed. I look for these closed stations and also those that have been turned into other businesses. So far I have collected over 400 images. Reducing that number to 25 is not an easy task. Stay tuned.

backroads_Hassie944-Edit (1)gas_Hassie_4800296-Edit-2 (1)gas_Hassie979-Edit (1)Hasselblad _gas140-Edit-2 (1)OreRoadtrip_Hassie614-Edit (1)

These images were made using a Hasselblad 500 CM film camera. I developed the film using Ilfosol 3 developer, scanned on an Epson V850 flat bed scanner.

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Pinhole in restaurants

I’m constantly making pinhole images in restaurants and coffee shops. For me it’s a chance to slow down my eating and enjoy the atmosphere of the place I’m in. All these images were made on my 6×6 Reality So Subtle pinhole camera with Kodak Portra 400 film. The exposure times were between 2 and 5 minutes.


Woodblock Chocolates 1715 NE 17th, Portland, Oregon


Elephant’s Deli 812 SW Park Ave, Portland Oregon


Through the window at Elephant’s deli Looking out at Director’s park Portland, Oregon


A cute little coffee shop in Brownsville, Oregon. Brownsville is a small town with cute antique shops and restaurants.


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lensbaby Sol 45

A few years ago I nearly sold my old Lensbaby lenses. Why? because on my Canon 5dMkII I just could not focus them. Lensbaby lenses are all manual focus. Might be because I am nearsighted in one eye and far sighted in the other. I don’t know, but I do know I was never happy with my results. Then along came my Sony mirrorless camera and I discovered ‘peaking level’ in the menu.  This lets me choose a color, red in my case, that highlights the areas ‘in focus’ on my Lensbaby lenses. Well it wasn’t long and I was back at it and loving all the new lenses Lensbaby has produced since my absence

I started by buying the new Composer so I could use my old effect lenses that pop into it. Then I added the Edge 50 and I was hooked. With each new lens that Lensbaby makes, that one  becomes my new favorite. For a long time it was the Trio because I loved the 28mm view, and the fact you had three possibilities in one lens: sweet, twist and the velvet.  Then along came the Sol 45 and now it’s my latest favorite. Photography can be so fickle.

As most of you know, who follow this blog,  I use more old film cameras than digital ones. I’m kind of addicted to the whole process of using film. However, sometimes my situation calls for digital. This was one of those days. It’s the last day of February 2019 and we are still in winter. In Portland, Oregon, we are usually warmer by now and out enjoying Spring sunshine. We have that sun today, but it is still cold. A couple of days ago we were getting more white stuff, not like the Sierra mountains are getting but a dusting that closes our schools. Then again, the sighting of one flake causes panic in this city.

These photos I am sharing today were all made on my Sony a6500 with the Lensbaby Sol 45. I just went for a walk around my neighborhood to see who was out playing. I hope you enjoy the swirl of this great lens. If you have never used Lensbaby lenses please have a look at their website. There are tutorials and featured photographers that  may peak your interest.

park & sun

not much playing on the volleyball court

play park

want to go down the slide?


I’ve never figured out this play area


This made me laugh. Kids are trying to sled on an inch of snow. I guess the grass was frozen enough for a few good rides

giving up

Giving up. Hoping to return when there is more snow

pickle ball

A few braved the pickle ball court


A few people did brave the cold for their daily walk, including me


I love this neighborhood for its parks and areas of trees and trails.

Now, bring me Spring and sunshine.

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