An afternoon in Portland

Spending an afternoon wandering around Portland with my Olympus OM1 and 35 mm Ilford film. Half the fun of using film is that you don’t really know what you’ll get until you develop the film. Sometimes I’m happy with my results and sometimes not, but I love the process.
riding MAX to Portland

getting around Portland


another way to get around




Lucky Lab Pub


no smoking


dark meeting


SE Portland


“Out of Service”. public transport

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I seldom use my digital cameras anymore. Once I got back into film, especially medium format, my Canon 5D MkII collects dust. I did get a mirror-less Sony camera and if I am reaching for a digital camera it’s usually that one because it is so much smaller and lighter to carry. But yesterday I decided to just step out my front door and take some garden photos with my Canon and the 100mm lens.


water fountain


catching wasps


one bug got away


fuchsia for hummingbirds


roses for me




tiger lilies because they are orange

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along the Columbia

Since I am sidelined this summer from hikes and long walks I have to do most of my photography within close proximity of my car. I enjoy road trips so I have been able to get out a bit, but am looking forward to my foot healing and getting back out doing long walks in the woods.

In the mean time here are some photos I made from the Washington side of the Columbia River. These were taken with my Hasselblad 500CM camera and Ilford film. I developed the film at home in Ilfosol 3.

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London in pinhole

I knew I had used my pinhole camera in October when I visited London for 6 1/2 weeks, but I couldn’t find my exposed rolls. Yesterday I finally found 7 rolls of film to develop. I’m halfway through the process and this morning I scanned some of the images I made.


The Tower Bridge


near City Hall


Finally got a chance to visit the Barbican


inside the great hall at the History Museum


Lunch at the History museum


from the Southbank across the Thames


In Rembrance


crosses and poppies. Difficult to see because of all the fallen leaves.

(all photos were made by me with my Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera and Ilford Delta 100 film)

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Peter Iredale

Most of us who live in Oregon  know the story of the Peter Iredale. It sailed from Liverpool and ran aground off the Oregon coast in 1906. Over the decades it has slowly been rusting into the ocean, but it is still a tourist attraction.

My husband found and bought three carriages of old slides while rummaging around an antique store in McMinnville. Two slides were of the Peter Iredale, one from 1906 soon after it was beached and the other from 1967.


Peter Iredale 1906, taken soon after it ran aground


slide taken in 1967




now. pinhole image with Zero Image


ruins now. pinhole image with a Zero Image camera and long exposure

(Pinhole images made by me)

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I am sorry I have been absent from my blog, but I am recuperating on crutches and haven’t been able to get out with a camera in months. Might be time to hit the archives. 

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pinhole day 3

Just wanted to share some more pinhole images celebrating the week after Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.



Spring tulips


cherry trees in bloom at University of Washington


under the Japanese maple


river crossing

(photos taken with Zero Image pinhole cameras and Kodak Ektar 100 film)

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