Titan 4×5

I’m spending these rainy days in Portland going through my catalog of pinhole images. I came across these that I made with the Titan 4×5 pinhole camera while staying along the Salmon River at the base of Mt Hood. I love this camera. It’s quite sharp for pinhole and while some people don’t like their pinhole images to be sharp, I do like it in my 4×5 images. I have plenty of others that have that pinhole blur that I also love.

trees_Titan 4x5

shadows and water


tree and shadows

I know I’ve discussed the ‘why’s and ‘hows’ of pinhole photography in earlier posts, so all I’m going to say about it here is that you should try it. I made my first image about 10 years ago. It’s the one I use as my blog header. That image was featured on the BBC photo page for Worldwide Pinhole Photography day in 2010. It’s still my favorite image made on my Zero Image 6×9 pinhole camera. That was my first pinhole camera and now, at last count, I have 14. Yep 14! Some I don’t use any more for various reasons: too hard to load or too cumbersome to carry. Also, when Kodak changed their numbering on the film some of those numbers no longer show up in the red counter window. That is annoying. Shame on Kodak.


cabin in the woods


the abandoned hearth and home

(I used Ilford 400 spend film and developed at home in Ilfosol 3 in a MOD54 tank)


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Cemetery pinhole

I don’t research my family history but I do enjoy visiting pioneer cemeteries. Normally I like living people appearing as ghostly creatures in my long exposure pinhole images but one day last week I visited Lone Fir Cemetery in SE Portland with my friend Doris hoping I might reveal some real ghosts with my pinhole camera. No luck.


just a little dark humor


Lone Fir welcomed its first resident in 1846. It got its name from a lone fir standing at the NW corner of the cemetery. There are over 25,000 people buried here. Recently unmarked graves were found in one corner. It turns out that patients from a nearby asylum were buried here. They also discovered bodies of some Chinese immigrants. A memorial to these people is now being built in the SE corner.



The cemetery is also an arboretum with over 700 trees of 67 species.




After making some pinhole images we walked over to SE Belmont for a little, very delicious lunch at Bare Bones Cafe. Kind of a creepy name considering where we just were.


the guy sitting at the bar showed me photos of a gorgeous aluminum pinhole camera he made

(all photos were taken with a Zero Image and Reality So Subtle pinhole cameras with Kodak Ektar film)

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I’ve been missing from my blog, Flickr, Instagram and all photography. Difficult summer for me with so many things that were out of my control. My cameras had to be packed up and they are still packed up. Now hoping I can get back to them by November. I did come across these pinhole images that I made back in June with my Reality So Subtle pinhole camera. I was finally able to scan them today.

I have my gas station project to complete …it’s close. I have a new 8×10 Titan pinhole camera to use more. I’m also still looking for an 8×10 view camera that won’t break the bank or my back. These things will come….soon I hope.

These images were made on a walk through the wooded area near my house. Climbing and other structures can be found along the paths. The planners did a great job with our wooded and green spaces. I love walking here.


lead me to the woods


fungi and mushrooms


a balancing act but I disappeared


selfie on the teeter totter

wild flowers

trillium in the woods

I used Kodak Portra 400 film with a 2ND filter to slow down my exposures.

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I’ve got one word: plastics

Anyone who has watched the movie, The Graduate, knows those profound words spoken to Dustin Hoffman’s character. Who knew how right those words were. All these decades later when I travel to the Oregon coast I prefer to take some of my many plastic cameras. I don’t worry about blowing sand or rain. I can wash the cameras when I get home.

Holga PAN (7 of 7)

double exposure, upside down with the Holga PAN

Last week there was a minus tide at the coast and a  chance to see the petrified forest at Neskowin beach. On the ocean floor is a forest of old Sitka Spruce that is believed to be over 2,000 years old. They first became visible after a huge storm in 1997-1998. Now, several times a year especially at a minus tide they peak their heads out above the waves.

Holga PAN (5 of 7)

Ghost forest with the Holga PAN

I took my Holga PAN(panoramic), a Holga CFN, a Reality So Subtle pinhole and a Titan 4×5 pinhole. All made of plastic and all very durable. We did get a few minutes of rain but it didn’t last long. With the plastic cameras I did not have to cover them up with my jacket. They have plastic lenses so the photos are a bit grainy, but I didn’t worry one bit about the cameras. Of course the Titan and Reality So Subtle pinhole cameras have no lens at all.

Titan (6 of 6)

Close up and personal, Titan 4×5 pinhole

Titan (2 of 6)

minus tide with a Titan 4×5 pinhole camera

Holga (5 of 8)

ocean life taken with a Holga CFN

Titan (4 of 6)

person on the beach with my Titan 4×5 pinhole

Holga (1 of 8)

crusty log with my Holga CFN

(Holga photos were taken with Ilford ISO 400 film. Titan photos taken with Ilford Delta 100 film. My RSoS pinhole images were made with Kodak color film and will be posted after they are developed at the lab. I develop my black and white film at home)




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A walk in my neighborhood in pinhole

I always have some kind of camera with me wherever I go. Sometimes more than one camera but always a pinhole camera. Out on a walk in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago I carried my Reality So Subtle 6×6 pinhole camera. I have several of these cameras but I am very fond of the ones with the filter threads. It can be very bright in Oregon, all the rain is a myth, so being able to use ND filters is a blessing.

I live in an area with many parks and wild areas. I might see deer, bunnies and a coyote or two. On this day I stuck to the more populated areas and made images wherever I fancied. Hope you enjoy the stroll with me:

pinhole Villebois RSoSub (1 of 5)

this is in one of the play parks

pinhole Villebois RSoSub (2 of 5)

lovely area in front of some condos

pinhole Villebois RSoSub (3 of 5)

just sitting and enjoying the view which was of Mt Hood

pinhole Villebois RSoSub (5 of 5)

me on a swing. My idea of a selfie. this was about a 10 second exposure

(all images made with the RSoS camera and a 2ND filter, Kodak Ektar 100 film and about 10 second exposures)

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Holga doubles

I haven’t used my Holga 120 in awhile. I usually save it for the beach and rainy days because its plastic body is perfect for those conditions. I long ago gave up taking my digital camera out in those conditions. The sand combined with the wind at the beach can wreck havoc with electronics. My pinhole and Holga cameras are the best for these wet and windy conditions.

Last week before attending a photography brown bag lunch talk at the Portland Art Museum(third Wednesday every month) I walked around Portland making double exposures. I tried doing opposites in each frame…..Like food restaurants with people on the street or cars parked up and the sign “Run”. Some were successful and some were not, but that’s part of the fun. Never quite sure what I’ll get until the negatives are developed. Isn’t that part of why we like using film?


Teddy Roosevelt and Paris. The rough rider vs refinement.


Pioneer Courthouse Square, the courthouse and a lone man.    The square where crowds congregate vs the lonely man


parked cars and “Run”. Sedentary vs exercise


Camerons Book Store and the gate. Knowledge vs barriers


People on the street and a full parking lot.   People and their belongings parked on the street vs no place to park at all


Mc Donalds and a dog with his master. Available food vs those who go hungry

(all images were made on a Holga 120 medium format plastic camera with Ilford Delta 400 film. Developed at home with Ilfosol 3)


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Timberline with my Titan 4×5

I am in love with large format photography. I’ve owned my Titan 4×5 pinhole camera for a few years but since listening to both The Lensless Podcast and the Large Format Photography Podcast I am totally back in. I recently purchased the Titan 8×10 and later today I plan to develop my first sheets of film from the camera. I’m a bit nervous as I’ve never developed 8×10 sheet film. Fingers crossed.

On Mother’s Day Ron and I took a drive up to Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood, Oregon. I was hoping to make some 8×10 images of the lodge but there were too many cars blocking the best view point. So I changed direction and made images of the trees, dead and alive. After visiting Timberline we decided to drive on to Trillium Lake but the road is still closed and we had too much equipment to hike in. We will return later when the road is open.

These are the images I made with the 4×5 Titan. I used Ilford Delta 100 film and the exposures were all just a few seconds of time. I had expected more clouds but by the time we got there the sun was out. Luckily no finger tips showed up in my images. I would love to find a 4 stop ND filter that would fit my Titan. Any ideas?

Enjoy the mountain:


the road to the mountain


One of the ski lifts


dirty snow and a dead tree




It’s such a beautiful place.

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