Before the 50mm lens

I am doing a series of photos taken down back alleys in small town America. For the present the photos are from Washington and Oregon, but as I hit the road from time to time I will include more States. So many Main Streets have lovely vintage store fronts, but as you step around the corner a whole new world awaits you. This is where deliveries are made, where employees go out to smoke and where garbage is dumped.

I recently purchased a 50mm lens for my Hasselblad which will make this series much easier to shoot. The photos shown here were with an 80mm lens and my Hasselblad 500 CM. I can’t remember what film I used, but I know it was some form of Ilford 400 and I developed my film at home.

Washington_Hassie246 Washington_Hassie251 Washington_Hassie258 Washington_Hassie259 Washington_Hassie261 Washington_Hassie262

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pumpkin time

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island to choose some pumpkins for our front porch.  The problem is, we are having unseasonably hot and sunny weather. So under a bright blue sky and blazing heat I tried to find some interesting subjects for photos. We gave up after about an hour. I knew that everything I did would be blown out and I don’t have any filters for my Haselblad. I really need to get some.

I returned yesterday with my two pinhole buddies and the weather was much better with some whisky clouds. We spent the morning making photos with our pinhole cameras. My film is now at Blue Moon Camera getting developed. Can’t wait to see what I got.

pumpkins_Hassie361 pumpkins_Hassie362 pumpkins_Hassie364 pumpkins_Hassie365 pumpkins_Hassie366

(all photos were taken with a Hasselblad 500 CM and Kodak Portra 160 film)

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a bunch of animals

For the next year, once a month, I am going out with two friends for a day of pinhole photography. In September we chose to go to downtown Portland. I took my bag of animal masks and we had a lot of fun posing in different locations around the downtown core. Because we were using pinhole cameras we had to sit for long exposures and during that time we noticed people walking by, smiling and taking our photos. I hope they enjoyed it, we did. We’ve decided that these masks must make an appearance each month. I continue to add to my stash of animals.

Here are some of my favorite shots made with my Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera and Kodak Ektar 100 film.

animalmasks_pinhole274 animals_DirectoSq_pinhol284 animals_pinhole278 animals_pinhole280 animals_PioneerSq_pinhol282 animals_PioneerSq_pinhol283


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I think I am back

I am ready to start posting again, but starting with a quick and easy one from my morning walk. Now that Fall/Autumn is here we are getting the lovely foggy mornings, with dew on the grass and then the sun filtering through the trees.

fog on my walk

dew on the dry grasses

the morning sun

(all photos were taken on an Olympus OM-1 with Kodak Portra 160)


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A true Englishman

I lost a friend yesterday. He lost his battle with prostate cancer that had spread into his bones. I could go on here and say how angry I am that his country doesn’t do routine annual PSA tests, but we all have different health systems. If only…….

Ron in front of his home

Ron in front of his home

He was such a kind man. Do we call him a bloke? a geezer? a Cockney? He was all those and more. He was a husband, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, a great-grandfather and in a few days he would have become a great-grandfather again.

great-granddaughter, yet to be born

great-granddaughter, yet to be born

I met him in 1999 when his son took me to his parents’ home to meet them for the first time. His Dad, Ron, grabbed my arm and led me to his garden shed leaving his son wondering “what the heck?”. Ron had one question: “Did I own a gun?”. “No” I said and I think he was relieved. From TV and the news he thought every American carried a gun. This was the beginning of our friendship.

Jen and Ron

Jen and Ron

He had a quick wit, a dry sense of humor and a very thick Cockney accent. I learned the slang from him. I learned to love football/soccer through both him, his son and their extended family. Every time I made a trip to London, and there have been 25 of them, we would pile into a car or van and head to the Valley for a Charlton Athletic match. The day always started and ended with a few beers…..His wife warned him as we headed to the ground “only one Ron”. right.


He’d give you the shirt off his back. If I needed to be picked up or dropped off at the airport and his son couldn’t do it then Ron would run to the rescue. There was one time when he did get lost on our way back into London and it took a Yank and his daughter-in-law who doesn’t drive to guide him back in the right direction. But that was Ron. Riding in his car was always an adventure.

He loved his garden and was most proud of his fish pond. He took great pride in that.


He loved all in his family. He was always there for them. You’d find him at the boys’ football games every weekend without fail. He was almost like a mascot. For the girls, he was at ballet recitals, school plays, gymnastics, and anything else they were involved in. He always gave encouragement and his undying support. He once told me he couldn’t live the way we do in America with our families spread all over the country. His family all live within a few miles of each other and were there in the end. He was blessed.

London Cup Final - 117

It’s difficult for me to imagine what life will be without him for his family and friends. Even though I only saw him when I was in London he meant the world to me. I will remember him fondly and I will miss him forever.

watching the boys play the game

watching the boys play the game

He was a true Englishman and I am proud to be able to say he was my friend.

RIP Ron Crabb. We all  love you.

PS: I was just reminded, by Jade Foote, of something he would say to me. “You’re alright, for a Yank”. And Ron, “You are more than alright for a Brit”

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The last farmers market of the season

I have been so busy getting caught up on my posting over at 52rolls that I have fallen behind here. It has been a busy summer and I have managed to take out my film cameras every week and make photos. i may have to do one big summer summary, but today I am posting photos from my Holga plastic camera of the last day of our farmer’s market.



live music every week

live music every week

I feel fortunate to live in a community that supports its farmer’s market. It’s filled with organic produce from the fertile Willamette valley. There are also vendors of bakery goods, gelato, flowers, crafts and food carts. One of the crowd favorites is the wood fired pizza. I choose the market as my Tamale Thursday. I love homemade tamales and look forward to them every week…..except they weren’t there on the last day.









Now we have to wait another 10 months for the market to open again. Hope you all had a nice summer.


(I used my Holga 120 CFN and Kodak Portra 400 film.)

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more from Trillium Lake

As summer comes to a close, although another 90-degree day here today seems like Fall is a long ways away, I want to post a few more photos from my day at Trillium Lake with Donna and Monica.

Donna and Monica setting up some pinhole madness

Donna and Monica setting up some pinhole madness





Goodbye summer.

(all photos taken with a Canon AE1 and Kodak Portra 160 film)

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